Services of Cradle life

We bring to patients worldwide, high quality products at affordable prices.

Today Cradle life sciences pvt. ltd. continues to grow by focusing on the company’s concept of supplying quality products at reasonable prices to satisfy all customer in need of its products. Cradle Service pays special attention to the customer service in our highly competitive market. We take great pride in our commitment to quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and our reliable service to our customers.

High-value, cost-competitive contract services. Process development, process optimisation, manufacture for late stage clinical and commercial supply.

CRADLE is committed to improving and protecting the quality of life through an active program of business development with the following strategic focus :

  • We have a wide range of products as Single and combination drugs used for treatment of Human being.
  • We carry out several in-clinic activities and screen patients for an early diagnosis of this disease through our tie-ups with leading diagnostic laboratories throughout India.
  • Through this initiative we not only help the society to diagnose the disease at an earlier stage but also educate patients about its effects and importance of lifestyle management in controlling this disease.
  • We provide valuable services to the medical fraternity by conducting various CME’s, workshops and conferences.
  • We have entered in the field of Skill Development.
  • We are one of the partner of NSDC (Govt. of India).
  • We are affiliated with ASCI, CSDCI, HSSC FSSC,PSSC and BWSSC
  • DDUGKY is our one of Major Project (Govt. Sponsored) in skill development.
We are committed to fight against Diabetes by introducing new drugs and patient services that focus on better management of this disease